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This following article shows the lengths that the government will go to control our land.

In the September-October 2022 edition of the Landowner Voices, I congratulated the Ontario Landowners Association on its successful intervention defending property rights in a Supreme Court Case dealing with de facto expropriation, or what the Court called “constructive taking”. This is when the government passes legislation or regulations that destroy your ability to enjoy your property. In this case, the Court ruled that the City of Halifax had engaged in constructive taking of land for a public park.

The Supreme Court ruling in favour of property rights was decided on a vote of 5 to 4. The decision was written for the majority by Justices Suzanne Côté and Russel Brown. One vote on the Supreme Court was the difference between protecting property rights or further eroding property rights. On February 1st, the Chief Justice announced that Justice Russel Brown would be taking a leave of absence. A month later, the Vancouver Sun reported that Justice Brown was in fact under investigation for an incident in January. Further reporting revealed it was the 57 year old Justice who had been assaulted by a ex-US Marine. On June 12th, Justice Brown announced he was retiring, citing the delays in the investigation. This will allow Trudeau to appoint his seventh Supreme Court Justice. Just as we saw how previous Supreme Court rulings on assisted suicide could be overturned, expect radical environmental-socialists to re-litigate these property rights defining cases. Copy & Paste Plan 2014 One of the ways landowners have seen their property rights diminished is the adoption by the International Joint Council of a Great Lakes water management program called Plan 2014. This plan calls for increased flooding of property along the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway. It is a clear example of a government body using regulations to eliminate property rights. Unlike the Supreme Court case mentioned above, the government does not actually take the property. It simply destroys the property, leaving the owner with no recourse but the courts. With the Liberals passing legislation to enshrine a right to a healthy environment, landowners can expect to see governments at all levels aggressively pursue environmental rights at the expense of property rights. 30 Percent By 2030 As I reported to Landowners in the last edition, The Trudeau Liberals and the Chinese Communist Party worked closely with the United Nations to establish the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework. This treaty calls on Canada to restore 30% of “degraded” land to natural habitat. For the Communists and Liberals, “degraded” was defined as land being used by humans. A study conducted by the World Wildlife Foundation identifies areas eco-socialists see as priorities for taking – Southern Ontario. Net Zero Land Part of the eco-socialist agenda is the drive to Net Zero carbon emissions. As readers of the November-December 2022 edition of Landowner Voices learned the push for Net Zero requires Ontario to more than double electricity production. If this increase in electricity could be supplied by nuclear, it may be possible to reach the production goals, but the Trudeau Liberals are anti-nuclear. With the Liberal plan to federalize electricity regulations, we can expect to see increased expropriations to satisfy the massive demand for land required by renewable energy.  

Naturally, a massive expansion of renewables would conflict directly with the goal to de-habitate 30% of land Canadians currently use. How can these two conflicting eco-socialist goals be meet? For the eco-socialists the answer is simple, fewer farmers. Trudeau’s Mandatory Voluntary Nitrogen Reduction Plan In the July-August 2022 edition of Landowner Voices, I reported on Trudeau’s plans for farmers. After Canadians began seeing news reports of massive farmer protests in the Netherlands leading to empty grocery store shelves, many began to ask if it could happen here. Sadly, it seems the Liberals are fully committed to the eco-socialist agenda. The Liberals have announced a mandatory 30% reduction on nitrogen emissions from fertilizers. Fearful of a Dutch-style revolt, the Liberals spun the media into believing that these reductions in nitrogen would be voluntary for individual farmers. Yet the Liberals still maintain the target of reducing 30% of emissions by 2030 is mandatory. What the Liberals may mean by voluntary is that farmers can volunteer to adopt unproven and expensive techniques to reduce fertilizer usage, or they can volunteer to sell their farm

Combined with the Carbon Tax, the Clean Fuel Regulations, and the Clean Electricity Regulations, these new Nitrogen Regulations will make the cost of farming prohibitive. Only large corporations will be able to raise the capital required to continue farming. As the eco-socialists consolidate power with regulations on everything from water to electricity to fuel and fertilizer, our property rights will be under sustained attack. Justice Russel Brown was a defender of property rights, but after a secret investigation on dubious grounds was dragged out, he has resigned. If Canadians can’t look to the courts to defend their rights, the only recourse is the ballot box.

A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT for monetary damages would be centered on losses incurred due to the Lack of TRANSPARENCY under both TORT and COMMON law.

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