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The following synopsis of the events over the last ten years in relation to 2715 Janes Lane and the Tait family appears to be typical of what other landowners have experienced. Any landowner having the “watershed encumbrance” on their property have probably lost over 100 thousand dollars in equity.



Our original “McLean Lake Estates” proposal was 5 to 9 lots. This was 10 years ago and is still on the table. This original proposal has nothing to do with today’s stifling watershed situation. Our latest proposal of 4 lots has opened our eyes to the “watershed debacle” and what the implications of this intrusion means for all families with landowner expectations.


John Tait and his family of Toronto hoped to assist their two daughters and four grandchildren with an opportunity to own a home outside Toronto by severing some lots on their Coldwater Ontario property. We were told by employee and senior planner,  Mandeville that we could do “nothing” with our property. This misguided victim of bureaucracy even asserted that “they” would not attend a meeting at 2715 Janes Lane. 

John is a mid-seventies retired Toronto cop and is involved in investigation and case preparation for several private concerns. John is a board member in a junior Ontario mining company.


John is now acting as the “representative plaintiff” on behalf of the “watershed debacle” and all claimants, named in this potential class action suit.  John and his daughter Stephanie are the only two people working on this investigative wake-up call. Our legal advisors agree that this is a “classic tort” and our job is to notify all plaintiffs. The plaintiff’s job is to register, protect their land rights and inform at least ten (10) landowner friends as friends should. Join our army of land holders.


Main focus is this investigation            Stand up Canadians.


The Tait’s storage sheds, building materials, and the 4-lot proposal are all encumbered by this encroachment, on our private Land.  So is yours. It is out of control, the tail is wagging the dog.



Before the plan of subdivision by Mr. Henry Janes, and the Township of Severn agreed, Mr. Janes opened up a sandpit on the east side of Janes Lane, in the 1960s, and is now on the property of John Tait. There was an agreement and consideration for the supply of the sand to the Township for construction on 17B. Judging by the size of the pit it would be under the purview of the Township, referred back by the MNDM but still registered, by law, in the Ontario mining log. It was not. A payment schedule should be on file based on the bills of laden. The only response to a FOIA request was a large quantity of construction contracts for the busy 1965 era. I am unaware that an application had been filed to open the pit as it was not in the legal mining registry with the MNDM. In any case, I believe that an MRIR Reg.240/00 schedule 1 may not have been issued to close the pit. That is a requirement from the MNDM. Lack of concern or an oversight?



The Tait family are the owners of a property known as 2715 Janes Lane in Severn Township. Janes Lane is a private road. (see documents).


The Tait family, on several occasions, have attempted to sever some lots for investment purposes, as shown in the documents contained in this notice.


Development by a deeded by-law attachment to the Tait property would close off the Tait driveway. This action would deny our emergency services timely access to the North Shore residents.


At a preliminary level, we invited officials to support the solution. This is in keeping with OUR ongoing due diligence. These government officials appear to have avoided any attempts to put forth recommendations that would serve and protect the community at large. Officials are ignoring THEIR mission statements. This evasive attitude only hampers the efficiency and safety of our frontline responders who would be working against the clock.


The officials, named within, have denied any responsibility for the taxpayer’s peaceful possession of their property. This position completely ignores their mission declarations. (see documents)


As shown within this instrument, by official communication, the Tait family in conjunction with the North Shore Corporation has attempted to negotiate a deal with the township which ensures the safety of the neighboring community known as the North Shore Corporation. The Tait family would negotiate a fair barter with the planning department and deed a right-of-way along that driveway to the North Shore Road. We thought this would be a no-brainer.


As shown by the contained documents, the residents within this corporate community, particularly those in the most southerly point of this private road, are faced with life and real property concerns.


If the Tait family is forced to disregard our neighbor’s dilemma, as the following named officials have done, we, the Tait family, are waiving our responsibility to any North Shore Corporation litigation in the future, that may be incurred as a result of untimely emergency service that results in death, grievous bodily harm, or property loss.


We have done our due diligence by offering a simple solution therefore any final decision that may be rendered by a court of law will be based on our submission of documentation.


This notice will be delivered to the appropriate policyholders and their Insurance representatives, should litigation ever become a factor. This is not of immediate concern, as we do have a safety contract in place with North Shore pending resolution.




“When the evidence shows that a lacuna in professional practice exists by which risks of grave danger are knowingly taken, then, however small the risk, the court must anxiously examine that lacuna—particularly if the risk can be easily and inexpensively avoided. If the court finds, on an analysis of the reasons given for not taking those precautions that, in the light of current professional knowledge, there is no proper basis for the lacuna, and that it is not reasonable that those risks should have been taken, its function is to state that fact and where necessary to state that it constitutes negligence. In such a case the practice will no doubt thereafter be altered to the benefit of patients/victims”


The following officials were duly notified on the dates specified by the documents herein.

  1. The Senior Planner for Severn Ms. Katie Mandeville
  2. The Orillia Mayor Mr. Steve Clark
  3. The OPP Superintendent Mr. Coyer Yateman
  4. The Senior Planner for Severn Andrea Woodrow
  5. The Severn Fire Chief Mr. Tim Cranny
  6. Simcoe Paramedic Services Chief Mr. Andrew Robert
  7. Current Mayor of Severn Mike Berkett

By this instrument, the Tait family (named below) acknowledges the documented facts surrounding the circumstances, and the family’s attempts to rectify the situation.

We the undersigned, claim zero negligence or responsibility in the face of a tragedy. Should this situation turn into a civil action the above document will become a sworn affidavit for plaintiffs and insurance companies.




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