Letter to Tim Hudak


NOTE: This is not directed at OREA but directed at planning departments.

This investigation indicates that there was no official directive or cautionary advisory given to realtors to express losses or adjustments for losses due to this infringement.

We expect that the planners will point fingers back at the feds. Planners as authority figures must notify landowners of the equity losses.

QUESTION:   Did the Liberal Regime officially notify OREA and their membership In regards to the impending losses due to this SECRET encumbrance? Our investigation indicates NO.

If so did they give you an OFFICIAL simple ALGORiTHM to calculate equity losses for purchasers and vendors?    We think not but have one.



MAYBE a letter of support for our efforts. An affidavit from legal would be better.   A meeting would be welcome.  Help us please, before we complete our website investigation. (A WORK IN PROGRESS) This scam affects the value of large tracts of territory.

The following pleas have been sent out to an assortment of people


Timothy Patrick Hudak is a Canadian former politician who was the leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party from 2009 to 2014. Hudak was a member of the Provincial Parliament from 1995 to 2016 and was also the leader of the Opposition in Ontario when he was PC party leader and now an OREA president.


The following information has little to do with OREA and more to do with the Liberal lack of transparency in our “watershed debacle”. This lack of transparency has trickled down to the local planning departments. Planning departments have NOT Informed landowners of the consequences, as is their responsibility under tort and common law. This blatant infringement has resulted in a substantial loss of equity for victims. Several meetings with realty associates of ours indicate that they too were unaware of this situation.

REALTORS were not notified regarding this encumbrance. There is no indication on the OREA FORM 100 that addresses the watershed. No fault of OREA. This lack of information appears to be another SNEAKY liberal agenda that will have ZERO positivity in the future for landowners. M.P. Cheryl Gallant addresses this from her wide-awake vantage point and her YouTube channel.


The Tait family intends to address the issue with a website watershed investigation directed to all landowners municipal, provincial, and federal. This Website will be posted on several media outlets for review and encourage sign-up by victims to recoup losses as per our DIY calculation for plaintiffs (The website is NOT complete yet but almost).

Before this launch, we are hoping that we achieve some physical assistance and/or advice from Conservative arenas. The following letter to Doug Ford and others is a preliminary appeal for any professional assistance in support of our POTENTIAL CLASS ACTION.

We do believe that a class action would result in a cascade of finger-pointing by the defendants, as it usually does when they realize the bad judgment call that they made by listening to the feds or whoever..

We hope that this may result in a review of the “watershed debacle” and more conservative support federally.    PLEASE HELP US GET THIS OUT THERE.


DOUG FORD                                                                                                                             WATERSHED OVER-REACH

PREMIER DOUG FORD Regardless of one’s political leanings, I’m sure working-class families appreciate that your objectives are honorable and hopefully attainable. There are always blockades arising to complicate progress.  

I am John Tait, Mr. Premier, your former, Etobicoke, neighbor, retired cop, Wally patron, and a supporter of your brother Rob. May he rest in peace. We need his policies more now than ever!  As Robbie predicted, the gravy train is overflowing.  We do need serious cuts to the dead wood.  Privatize or God help our republic.

All the targets that you refer to in this year’s address are undermined by red tape so congratulations on your successes thus far.

You may recall… I was a director of an Ontario company “Gold Insight Resources Ltd”

and we needed your help to access the Ontario Securities Commission’s locked door policy. Thanks to you and Vic Fedeli we were able to have a meeting with that agency and some justice levied. “Torstar Sunday, December 5, 2021” Mori crime family. Litigation is on ongoing this date.

NEW ISSUE PREMIER We believe, that all landowners and our premier have mutual concerns regarding this “illegal federal watershed” that is breaching our inherent private property rights and peaceful occupancy. These policies suppress growth in entire areas.

We the people are waking up to this FEDERAL WATERSHED STUDY. legally it is questionable and appears to be nothing more than a control mechanism on private property. This so-called study was implemented by the Trudeau government, it appears that ANYONE affected by this encumbrance/infringement has lost a massive amount of their equity and control of their property. Anything but democratic, Doug.  We know the real plan of course.

SOON TO LAUNCH    WEBSITE INVESTIGATION   A WORK IN PROGRESS              http://www.watersheddebacle.ca:  

Our family, like most families, was unaware of the complications imposed by this infringement, until we attempted to move forward with the help of MORE HOMES

We were shocked by this ridiculous surprise intrusion and told, by a “senior planner” at a meeting that we could do “NOTHING” with our property. I won’t bore you with details of that at this time. See our website in URL http://www.watersheddebacle.ca in progress

You must be aware that most people, including OREA executives and realtors, were not officially briefed or notified regarding the extent of this catastrophic loss of equity, and time. The expense for farmers, landowners, businesses, vendors, and purchasers appears suppressed by omission. This is likely the result of just blatant disregard and lack of concern by our immediate individual authorities who follow the direction of the Trudeau puppet masters.

Planning officials have a duty of care, so what are they hiding from taxpayers?


A class action may be necessary to get rid of the private property watershed infringement AND pay us for our massive losses at the hands of these township puppets and NOT with taxpayer funds either. This is their negligence and is BASED ON THE DUTY IMPOSED BY TORT AND COMMON LAW.

DUTY OF CARE    Many examples

The outcome of some negligence cases depends on whether the defendant owed a duty to the plaintiff. A duty arises when the law recognizes a relationship between the defendant and the plaintiff requiring the defendant to act in a certain manner. A judge ordinarily determines whether a defendant owed a duty of care to a plaintiff, and will usually find that a duty exists if a reasonable person would find that a duty exists under similar circumstances.

FRAUD BY OMISSION      Causing heavy considerable losses. Sometimes a person can perpetrate fraud through the omission of a material fact. For this reason, when alleging fraud, a plaintiff may allege that the defendant made “a misrepresentation or a material omission of fact which was false and known to be false.” 


There are 38000 farms in Ontario and thousands more concerned property owners. They will soon be advised of their losses and by today’s prices may well be a minimum of 100K per qualified plaintiff. We will have a working algorithm for simple calculation and a second separate issue is the long-term potential losses of landowners.

 MR. PREMIER THIS INVESTIGATION IS A WORK IN PROGRESS and will hopefully be ready for the media release this fall. Please contact us and we will provide early access to the land owner’s Info website. Our draft statement of claim is dependent upon the plaintiff’s statements, losses, and the sheer number of claimants.

PLEASE SUPPORT US DOUG many landowners need your help. JOIN THE SUIT!   

This is an evil tyrannical government intrusion. We are avoiding the watershed guidelines legal ease and wordsmithing, We will address the losses and pursue the obvious. Let defendants go after the feds for compensation they allowed this to happen, not we the taxpayer. This could be provincial or Canada-wide, starting in Severn.

Thank you again from John Tait and Family and those landowners who are waking up.


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